These days People mostly hola at you when they need favors from you or when they are bored 😑 and need you to listen to them narrate their life while they didn’t think of you . It’s a trend that’s slowly eating up into the society and mostly amongst us the millennial generation. We’ve created a lot problems for us and ended up running away from the solutions to these problems.

We have become too concerned about who’s dropping a new hit , who’s dating who , who broke up with who or even who’s wearing what . Social media has really gotten into our heads folks , we’re too busy double tapping , liking , retweeting and commenting on other people’s lives that we’ve even forgotten to check our own . You like a picture of me on Facebook and Instagram but find it hard to call and check up on me . We post pictures of us smiling looking happy with smilleys to accompany them yet deep within we hold a lot of issues and sorrow. We’re too busy updating our own lives on Instagram stories and WhatsApp statuses to even notice our friends and children are having it rough . Everyone including parents are too busy online to even streamline their children’s lives .

We are all ranting and posting about how depression is eating us up as a society but fail to acknowledge the source of our depression. You know what’s depressing? You reading this and forwarding it to another reader without even thinking of your life . What’s depressing is that you smile 😊 for the selfies and laugh with ‘friends’ just so you fit in . I’m trying to fit in ,you’re trying to fit and they are trying to fit in as well . Who is going to notice that there is a problem if we are all fitting into lives that do not define who we are ?

Something notable is that young people nowadays share their feelings differently, we express ourselves through sophisticated means . Don’t just laugh 😂 and enjoy the memes your friends post , don’t just read their statuses and pass , don’t feel like you’re invading my privacy by trying to understand what I post online. Also don’t feel like I’m getting into your business, I mean you made it my business the moment you aired it out for me to view. A lot of the things we post online really define who we are and who we are not . Most pictures of ourselves portray a happy person but the memes and other posts portray the inner us , our thoughts, likes , pleasures and troubles .

Parents it’s time you talked with us and not to us ! Let’s talk sense people . Let’s face the challenge as it comes . A speaker at a youth rally I attended asked the youth in attendance if they let their parents view their online statuses and follow them on social media . Just a couple hands were up . This shows you how much we don’t trust our parents with our lives . I say this because as I had said , we dispense emotions differently from older generations, we no longer talk , we post – memes , quotes , music videos . That’s the way we express emotions , emotions that end up being ignored because everyone is to busy building their own profile and expressing themselves to even take time and talk . Do you know you might be going through the same issues as mine and that if you cared to talk to me we could have assisted one another? But what did you choose? To keep silent ? To tell yourself that you’re worthless? Or even ended up hanging yourself .

Look at the madness we’re fanning people ! Young people die everyday, people are killing each other every single day. I’m even beginning to think killing has become a to do in our lists of to do’s . All we do is post it online and tweet about it for a while and forget . Who is talking about Ivy or Felix ? We’ve forgotten! We’re waiting for the next big thing to trend so that we can make memes out of it , huh? Laugh it out , huh ? Is that what we are suppose to do ? Is that really who we are ?

I mean it’s now cool to laugh at murder , make fun about it , sing happy songs about it. Is that where humanity has gone too?

Counseling offices stay cold and empty, counselors are still paid ? Aren’t they ? We’re too busy to pay them a visit . Or because it’s become too cliche? Or you’re afraid I’ll tweet about it if I see you at the counselors office?

Or maybe counseling should be done online ? I think the web developers for school portals should have guidance and counseling as an option on the site . Where I could get online and chat with a counselor without us meeting physically. Maybe that way I could get help without being seen . Maybe that way a life can be saved . Maybe that way my friends wouldn’t have to feel unwanted. Maybe that way the shy will get help . Maybe !

People let’s talk and help one another. I’m a communications student and I was made to understand that we’re the only creatures with a language that’s articulate and elaborate. Why do we struggle to prove that wrong . Or maybe those scholars were not sure ? Maybe !

A poem titled “Just a Word” the poet unknown to me says ;

When dogs encounter

They hesitate ,

They sense a kinship,

Stop, sniff , then part .

As birds glide they tune

A mutual note ,

Beak to beak greetings flare

To form the music of the air .

Even cups in a tray

Make a sound as they touch;

Leaves rattle ;

Yet the human voice is hushed

Strangers silently we passed

Only to look behind :

The other’s head has also turned

As if to greet my mind

Yes , that’s where we are , to a point where birds of the air are better than us yet He gave us something He didn’t give them ; language and communication( power ) .

As we celebrate worlds mental health month , let’s keep it mental and think 💭. If we are going to kick out this depression menace or whatever evil has fell on us then we need to think critically and decide to talk and share out our problems with trustees. Before we kneel down to pray to He who dwells above, let’s admit our sins and try and correct where we can . Lets acknowledge our mistakes and forge measures to outdo these mistakes.

I’m not ready to be gobbled up by this fast swirling wind that is depression neither am I ready to lose family and friends to depression. Where do you stand ?


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