She had a serious look on her kikuyu flesh, a walking enigma who would break a man’s heart or empty every dime he had in his portfolio. She looked extraordinary , possessed an otherworldly beauty . Wairimu(not her real name) was the real deal . After almost three months of wallowing around tasting all kinds of waters – some dirty , I felt like I’d found the right one . Sparkling water I’d say, to me she represented the epitome of beauty and brilliance all curved and custom made by the one above . As she walked gracefully from her room to where I was waiting for her , I couldn’t help myself from imagining all that would one day end on my palms . She was the curvaceous kind , betraying her own culture . She could easily pass for the Adhiambo kind if not for the beautifully rounded forehead that befitted her name. If this was a primary school essay then I’d say her hips sway side to side as she cat-walked the corridor in hostel L wing B. Hugging her made me feel my lost rib fall back in place and fit perfectly without any pain . My instincts told me she was the one (only that this time they’d deceived me) .

I lost interest in other girls , no such beauty had ever found its way through Nandi hills and into the pockets of Kesses , loving her was all that mattered at the moment . I had swore not to let any figure zooming around in two legs to sway me but here I was always talking about this piece of gem . She was like the trending topic on KOT but now in my brain , let’s call it Owang twitter like in black twitter. All hashtags on her .

How funny it is that I felt dependent on her, I mean my functionality was limited to us communicating. Yaani mimi?

She got me doing all kinds of things I’d never do , like spending my money easily on things that didn’t benefit me directly. We used to even go for walks every single Friday and talk about things that don’t really matter now. I’m beginning to think that even the Health App in my phone got tired of recording the many kilometers we did on Friday afternoons 😂. I wouldn’t complain much about that because thanks to her I kept fit ( that was workout ).

Walking her back to her hostel after supper was never a big deal , I remember at some point we’d been at my place till midnight and I still walked her back to her room . With her I made a lot of happy and sad memories, we shared good times and I took in the bad ones . I always made sure she was never on the low , always counseling her and talking sense to her . I even comforted her once when she was on the low and cried . I took in all the shit she always told me .

My friend Kimaru will tell you that I’m a hopeful human being, yes I maintained optimism all the time. I gobbled up all the lies she fed me and moved on without them. I loved her unconditionally. I was Clyde only that this time Bonnie was working alone .

Thanks to Wairimu , my freshman year ended in me being a shattered being , in fact a broken being just like my other friend I won’t mention . I tend to think , what if this is all Karma ? But then I look back to my life and theirs nothing that really equals what happened . So Karma out ! Maybe love just doesn’t exist on my earth (earth Wesley) or maybe I’m being prepared for a bigger purpose in life just like Joseph. Maybe she was just a passing star 💫.

As I lay in bed , EarPods plugged in and hopeless by Khalid blaring and infusing with the words I’m reading from Eric Jerome’s ‘Before We we’re Wicked’ I come to a point where two people are in love then my attention drifts back . I think of all the love I had , I tell myself that no love was lost . I hope she remembers one day and decides to come back .

This one was she that was .

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