It has been two weeks since I last saw the dentist. I don’t know her name but I know she hails from around the Rift Valley thanks to her vivid dental formula and white teeth cleansed by a gazillion guards of the sour Mursik. Unlike the bourgeois who would have said “my dentist” I justContinue reading “21 TEETH”

Life at Twenty

This here is a special story,  not because it involves my life which is definitely not the most interesting life there is, well I am quite an interesting character so to say. I don’t really think of myself as that interesting but yes here I am. Enough with the manifestation, so after the students strikeContinue reading “Life at Twenty”


She had a serious look on her kikuyu flesh, a walking enigma who would break a man’s heart or empty every dime he had in his portfolio. She looked extraordinary , possessed an otherworldly beauty . Wairimu(not her real name) was the real deal . After almost three months of wallowing around tasting all kindsContinue reading “SHE THAT WAS”


These days People mostly hola at you when they need favors from you or when they are bored 😑 and need you to listen to them narrate their life while they didn’t think of you . It’s a trend that’s slowly eating up into the society and mostly amongst us the millennial generation. We’ve createdContinue reading “DEEP REST”