Ever looked at yourself then back at “them” and felt like you’re inferior or they’re probably way above your league ? Or was it the other way round, “they” in this case were below your league? Is league a thing to you and the people around you? Well I’ve been watching some Netflix series andContinue reading “THE LEAGUE”


If you’re a literal enthusiast or a literature student then you must have thought this to be a synopsis or a book review of Charles Dickens Great Expectations ,right? You are definitely wrong. This here is a summary of some of the great expectations we the young generation have in terms of people we wantContinue reading “GREAT EXPECTATIONS”


Ever wondered if you’re becoming too nice or good that no one actually cares about your own personal feelings, I mean you’re always nice to everyone that you end being the nice guy “He’s cool and nice,just felt good being around him” It’s fine to be nice but it isn’t fine to misunderstand someone’s niceContinue reading “NICE GUY”

Robi Chacha

Today’s feature is on Robi Chacha . Quite a humorous guy yet critical when it gets to matters to deal with human rights and most importantly matters dealing with human dignity. If you haven’t heard of Chacha and probably pondering on who he could be then here is a hint, Chacha is a Human RightsContinue reading “Robi Chacha”